Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are Pickboy Picks the new Dunlop Jazz III's?

A recent forum post on the gear page has me wondering if Pickboy picks are going to soon be the new Dunlop Jazz III's.

Dunlop Standard Tortex Picks, 12 Pack, Purple, 1.14mm
When I started player guitar I didn't have any prefered pick, but within a few years found myself using those purple Dunlop Tortex 1.14mm picks At the time I was really into Metallica and heavier bands so it only made sense that I'd want a pick that could do the heavier downpicking metal stuff.    Plus, I've never been a fan of picks that bend when you strike the notes.  The thicker picks allowed me to control the intensity of the pick striking the strings with my fingers and wrist more.

Dunlop Jazz III Pick Pack, Red Nylon,1.38mmIn college at Berklee I switched to Dunlop Jazz III's I was turned on to them by my then guitar teacher Norm and they are the only pick I've been using since.

The thing I love about Jazz III's is they are heavy, small, sharp and extremely accurate.  The bigger picks now feel like I'm playing with a roofing shinkle.  The small sharp picks are like a scalpel or finely sharped pencil; extremely accurate with a fine point. The much smaller pick I find also makes you use your fingers more to control how you want to shape how the notes sound.

Of course then I learned all the big players like John Pettruci, Eric Johnson and others swear by them, which of course means there's a certain, fan boy, "I need this pick so I can sound like them", mentality that comes with having them be used by such prominent figures.   If you do a poll of 100 guitar nerds, 50% of them will say they use Jazz III's.   Again, I'm not sure if they use them because they're better, or just because better people use them.  Sort of a chicken or the egg thing.   

Anyway.... so this forum thread could very well be the seed that will start the new revolution of, must have, picks.

Having not played them myself I can't really say if they're any good yet, or even for me and my style, but at $26 a 50 pack it's very tempting to get a couple to try out.  Plus, Tomo, who's a great player and teacher at Berklee, really has a lot of clout.  While I was taking guitar lessons with Norm at Berklee, switching to Jazz III's,  he was teaching John Mayer blues licks down the hall.   So of course guitar nerds of the world are thinking "If the guy who taught John Mayer suggests these picks, maybe I should try them too"

 So yeah... here they are...   They look interesting.... I'm very tempted to order some myself to test out.

Pickboy Pos-a-Grip, Black, Cellulose, 0.75mm, 50 picksPickboy Meta Carbonate, Blue w/ white logo, 1.00mm, 50 picksPickboy Edge, Sharp Tip, Carbon/Nylon, 1.00mm, 50 picksPickboy Skull/Hvy Metal, Scorpion, Celltex, 1.00mm, 50 picksPickboy Edge Clear, Sharp Tip, Polycarbonate, 0.75mm, 50 picksPickboy Black Zoo, Elephant, Celltex, 0.75mm, 50 picksPickboy Hi-Modulous, Reefer Pick, Carbon/Nylon, 1.14mm, 50 picksPickboy Hi-Modulous, Reefer Pick, Carbon/Nylon, 1.00mm, 50 picksPickboy Pos-a-Grip, Jazz, Black, Cellulose, 1.50mm, 50 picksPickboy Pos-a-Grip, Red, Polycarbonate, 1.00mm, 50 picksPickboy Pos-a-Grip, Jazz, Rainbow, Cellulose, 1.20mm, 50 picksPickboy Vintage Pick, Tortoise-Shell, Cellulose, 1.00mm, 50 picks

So there you go, just my take on what could be the beginning of a guitar pick revolution.

We shall see. :-)

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