Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool for August

Ah, a rainy day in Boston today.   And since it's August, and cool, it always reminds me of the band Cool for August.
Grand World

Back in in the late 90's when I was still playing with the band Aesthetik we played a local music festival in Worcester MA.   It was one of those Pay to Play scammy things, but it actually worked out pretty well.   We ended up playing on the same stage as Faith No More, Limp Bizkit and a then unknown Godsmack.  (They misspelled their name on the T-shirt as God Smack). :-)  Aesthetik was spelled correctly.     We played a 4 song set, rocked on a big stage in-front of a few thousand people, and got to say we played with all these famous bands in our bio.

Anyway, on the second stage, either headlining or near headlining was Cool for August.  My roommate at College had their album and he played it constantly so when they took the stage all dressed in black looking like Neo from The Matrix movies, I already knew every word to every song.    I was that loser right up front that sang along. :-)   They were such a killer late 90's alterna-pop band.  Great lyrics, great sound. 

Anyway... It's the only Cool for August album I own.  I still have the original paper, organic, bio degradable, album sleeve. :-)   I tend to pull it out this time of year whenever it gets a little to "Cool for August."

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