Friday, August 12, 2011

Generation White Trash

This is one of my favorite songs from this album. It's probably one of my strongest vocal performances recorded, and the subject matter is something I'm actaully very proud of since I basically predicted the financial crisis that would hit about 5 years later.

So subject matter. I remember around 2001 discussing with people how our economy was going to collapse under the weight of consumer debt. Obviously I wasn't in the housing market at the time, but everywhere I went as a College student in the late 90's, and post grad in early '00's, I was being handed offer after offer after offer for Credit Cards. I mean at those College Fest things you used to go to, getting a credit card application and approval for credit was easier than getting free condoms or water bottle with a corporate logo.

So anyway, this whole thing just kept bugging me, and the only eventuallity I saw was that when it did collapse we, the affluent and whitty 20-Somethings/Generation X or up and coming Generation Y's, were going to be completely fucked by our debt and the day of shopping at glitzy hipster stores were going to be replaced with shopping at Walmart and living what we'd once deemed "White Trash".

So the idea of our current generation turning into Generation White Trash became a reality. This song was a warning, me trying to scream to my generation to cut the shit out because that's going to be you one day. And of course, as I write this in August of 2011, it has basically all come to pass.

Talk about being prophetic.

So let's talk about the music....

As I already mentioned, I love the vocals in this song. It's just a great key for me and I sing it with conviction, very strongly.

I don't remember how I ended up writing the verses or choruses, but whole song is played with a capo on the 3rd fret, and that's sort of how it came to be. I'm not normally a capo person, but for some reason just liked the way it sounded and my vocals sounded better in this range. (3rd fret would make this song in the key of Bb Major? right). :-) Yeah, way to go Erik the Berklee grad. :-)

The guitar solo, as with most of my other ones, is pieced together is actually just two different take. Interestingly it's actually off-set. What I actually played along with the track while recording isn't what you hear. I pushed it forward, or back, 1/4 or 1/2 measure and found I liked the way it sounded better.

Ah yes, the Beach Boys-esque ending where I sing "We're Pretty much screwed" :-) I'm not really sure where that came from, or how it even fits the songs.... I just did it, and that's it. It's actually kind cool since it's actually 6 or 7 vocals stacked on each other. I have 2 vocals hard panning singing one part, all the harmonies panned with reverb, and one main vocal singing along. Not the greatest Beach Boys thing, but an interesting way to end the song.

So there you have, a little bit about Generation White Trash. I'll probably keep going song by song at this point, which means...... Trapped in Heaven will be next.

As always, if you have any questions or sugestions, let me know.

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