Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009
One month after the offical launch of my Site and I'm getting pretty regular traffic from a lot of guitar nerds. (thank you google images) Apparently there's a high demand for wiring diagrams and pictures of quilted maple warmoth strats. So, if you found my site that way, thanks for vistings, hope you enjoy my site, and think about buying a Song or T-Shirt. while you're here. I promise I'll give you more guitar nerd content if you do. :-)

As for Erik Z Music stuff. It's almost summer here in New England and I've been mostly chillin' on my back porch, grilling, drinking too much, and playing guitar threw a cheap little fender twin toy amp and a first act toy delay that I picked up at toys r' us. I actaully rewired it via some mods posted on The's forums. Thanks guys. It doesn't sound half bad.

There are some new Aesethik videos posted on Youtube. Sure as the Rising Sun and
Babydoll I had found a bunch of old band practice videos a few months ago and said, "what the hell". It's weird to see me with long hair and oh so boyishly thin. :-)

NEW LOWER PRICES at Erik Z's Cafe Press store. Ignore the prices on my website right now, they're a few dollars cheaper when you actually click through to my cafepress site. I actually bought myself a shirt the other day and was really surprised how high quality these things are. Honestly I was expecting pretty shitty stuff, but it's damn good. Who knew? So, go buy a T-Shirt. Hell I did.

As always.... I'm still working on new music. Slowly, but it's coming along. So keep checking back. Until then.....

Thanks for visting.


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