Thursday, June 4, 2009

May 1, 2009

May 1, 2009
Well here it is, the official launch of Erik Z Three and a half months of uploading, cropping, writing code and waiting, waiting and waiting for for approval.
So what’s here?
1. Music – You can listen and download all of my music including my two newest albums as well as all three of the Amazing Erik Z albums. It’s all available for sale from at $.89 a song or $6.99 an album. Sorry it’s not iTunes, but Amazon has cheaper downloads and higher conversion rates (256k), so I’m=2 0not quite sure why Amazon is a downgrade? If you’re looking for a CD, well… for right now its MP3 only, unless you want to personally bankroll a 500-1000 CD run.
2.Gear – Probably the most expansive sections. A complete breakdown of my guitars, amps, studio, etc... There’s even a breakdown of all the stuff I used to record in the 4-track days. Great pictures of my gear and a lot of info.
3. Stuff to buy – I have Erik Z t-shirts and other swag. It’s cheap for now, but in the future I’ll aim for album specific merchandise, but for right now its basic T-Shirts and such.
4. Videos – I’ve got the Amazing Erik Z video from the Ken and Glen show from back when I was in High School as well some Fudge Pop Summerfest stuff from 1996 and even Aesthetik (more to come ;-)). There’s one new video of me playing my new guitar and I plan on updating the You Tube videos from time to time with new videos. Click on my YouTube site to see even more videos.
5. History, Bio and Updates – Pretty self explanatory. A nice little write up of me and general updates (what you’re reading right now).
6. Links – You’ll notice a lot of links to all over the place. Full disclosure here; I’m an Amazon Associate (um, duh!! They are selling my music after all). But if you click on any Amazon link and buy stuff, regardless if it’s my music or not, they give me like $.04. So click away, every penny helps me out. J
So when’s the next album coming out?
Well… realistically I’m aiming for 12-24 months. Working a 9 to 5 job with a family and responsibilities slows you down a bit, but I’m working slowly but surely. I’ve already got topics, lyrics and some riffs going. It’s still in its infancy, but rest assured, there will be another Erik Z album.
So until then… enjoy Erik Z Take some time to relive the past with some vintage Amazing Erik Z or Aesthetik tunes, or better yet, discover a the whole new world of Erik Z music you never knew existed.
Thanks for visiting, and enjoy!
If you have any questions, comments, ideas, whatever; feel free to drop Erik a line @

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